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Message from the President

Always a step ahead of clients’ needs, “Revolutionizing lifestyle” and “Transforming the society”

Founded over 10 years in 2000, mediba is a member of the KDDI Group that has been responsible for the planning, development, operation, as well as advertising business of mobile media such as au Smart Pass. We have continued to grow in the face of a volatile business environment which has brought constant changes such as improvements in the quality/speed of network, evolution of mobile device, and changes in user interface.

This success could not be achieved without the support from our customers and business partners to whom we are indeed truly grateful.

In recent years, we are faced with even greater changes. User behavior/awareness/preference has become even more diversified due to the spread of social media and the advancement/ease of information acquisition as more people now access web services through smartphone than PC. Also, as Japan moves further toward globalization in preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, technological progression in AI (Artificial Intelligence) and VR (Virtual Reality) is expected to lead to more tremendous business opportunities.

Using knowledge/technology accumulated in the dawn of mobile business as weapon, we strive to expand our business amidst such transformation without relying on success models from the past. We will always go a step ahead of clients’ needs, while “revolutionizing lifestyle” and “transforming the society.”

Creating services that are accessible to customers in Japan and around the world will be mediba’s new challenge.

As stated in mediba’s CREDO under Mission “Happy for Others”, mediba endeavors to create happiness for all people.

We look forward to your continuous support in the future. Thank you very much.

President & CEO, Keita Umimoto

Personal History

1996.4 International Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (now KDDI Corporation) joined
2008.4 KDDI Corporation Consumer Product Planning Division
Alliance Business Promotion Department B2B2C service group leader
2012.4 KDDI Corporation New Business Promotion Division
Open platform business unit smart path planning group leader
2013.4 Ltd. mediba Advertising Business Headquarters
2013.8 Scale-Out Executive Vice President, Ltd.
2014.4 Ltd. mediba CSO
2014.6 Ltd. mediba President