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mediba’s CREDO

Credo, which means “Vision”, ”Promise”, and ”Philosophy” in Latin is the sense of values that are shared by all mediba’s officers.The size of our company has been expanding due to the growth of the business and as a result, we’ve adopted “mediba CREDO” as a polestar for the company and its officers to strive for, be judged upon, and act based on its principles.We will work as one to continue the growth of our business with our CREDO which is composed of “Mission”, “Vision”, and “Value”.


“Happy” for others

By imagining the various lifestyles of people, we are committed to continuously delivering happiness to people all over the world


We offer the most advanced media and advertising services on smart devices.
We strive to have the highest employee satisfaction rate in the Japanese advertising industry.


  • Always express your true intentions

    Accept various opinions and differences in values

  • Set goals high & Set deliberate goals

    Only completing a number of simple tasks won’t produce results.

  • Move people beyond their imaginations

    The best performance will reach others. The opposite is equally true.

  • Try new challenges, and don’t dwell on failures

    It’s not over till it’s over.

  • If you are in doubt, follow your instincts

    Final decisions based on justice and cordiality will overcome the others

  • Don’t forget to smile

    Your appearance sends a message about who you are. Laugh and grow fat.