Message from the President

Creating great user experience by people's connection

Since its establishment in December 2000, mediba will celebrate its 21st anniversary in 2022. During this time, the business environment has changed every moment, and we have transformed our business area in response to these changes. These changes may continue as technology evolves and people’s behavior changes.

“Connecting the real with the real is the mission of the media” has been a constant value of those involved in the media business. There are countless “People,” “Things,” and ” Situations” in the world, but most of them are not connected due to the lack of opportunities or relationships that have not yet reached what is called “Vijñapti-mātratā” or “Wisdom”. We strive to realize our mission of “bringing happiness to people” by increasing connections through various media and accompanying platforms.

However, this is not an easy task. We need to understand what our customers want from the media by utilizing data and other means. We also need to find and setup “things” and ” situations” that meet their needs.

We take these roles seriously and deliver new value to the world. To this end, the entire team will work together with pride and curiosity in the spirit of “mediba made,” and we will actively build alliances with various partners outside the company, including start-ups. By embracing diverse internal and external values and ideas, we aim to deliver reasonable services that meet the needs of society.

To achieve these goals, the power of “people” is essential. We aim to nurture human resources with a desire to grow by providing an environment where employees can work comfortably and compete against each other in a spirit of friendly competition. Moreover, from the perspective of sustainable growth, we would like to contribute to social values such as diversity and SDGs. We hope you will continue to take an interest in mediba.

Shingo Niori, CEO