Message from the President

Creating great user experience by people's connection

It is now some time since the advent of the Internet. Mobile Internet and smart-phones have spread, so that the Internet no longer exists in some separate world, rather it is at the very center of life for many people.

The presence of the Internet feels increasingly ubiquitous in human life, as natural and essential as water. We are in an era where anyone, anywhere, at any time can enjoy experiences through it.

What do humans consider to be a truly worthwhile experience?

In this era of overflowing information, what kind of future awaits?
The era of mass consumption is ending, and the future is unclear, but for this very reason, now is the moment to pick your own path towards true happiness.

When I talk with entrepreneurs, they say: “You yourself are the first user.”
Think for yourself, decide, and act.

Then, search for a companion, the one person who understands that principle. They are the second user.
This connection between people spreads first to 100 people, then to 1000 people.
You become a user; you make your first connection – without this, there would nothing for hundreds of millions of users to experience.

mediba’s philosophy is “Happiness for ALL”

To feel the value of what you created yourself – that in turn creates value for others in the world around you.
As a company that values happiness more than anyone, we want to bring happiness to all our employees, family members, and to everyone else as well. Our aim is to be a company loved by people.

For that reason, moving forward I hope to remain highly receptive and sensitive to any change, big or small.

Tomohiro Ebata, CEO